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India Trip - 08

India October 2008!

The Father's Love Int'l Ministries, Inc.

Mission Update: October 17, 2008



This letter is sent to update you on my recent trip to India and Uganda. 

Betty Goldman and I arrived as scheduled at Hyderabad, India on Oct. 2 and went on to The Jesus Way International School in Secunderabad.  There was a big Hindu holiday being celebrated there when we arrived, so most of the students were away from the secured compound.  This afforded me a chance to recuperate from the long 28 hour (door to door) journey and to get to know the family there.  I also met three of the school boys that stayed there for the lack of any place to go during holidays.  They were really precious!

When the resident students returned, I spent each evening with the group in song and prayer.  I was able to teach them the words and the sign language to a song the Lord gave me called, "Jesus Loves Children."  I have taught this song to children in and around the USA, in Uganda, and now India!  There is something really special when you hear a song you wrote sung by children in different places around the world.  God is so good!  J

Betty and I also took turns teaching the Bible College Students during the day.  She taught on missions and I shared both my testimony and taught how Jesus came to reveal the Father's love.  I was also given the privilege to pray with them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  That was really exciting!  The following class was filled with grins and broad smiles.  Praise God for the gifts of the Spirit. Also the upper classmen of the school were allowed to come to my teachings and they were very good students of the word. (Pictured above) 

If you are seriously interested in working with children in India, please contact me as this is a place that is perfect for those who are mission minded. You could have a huge impact on children ages 5-15 at this school.  They have huge vision that will need a lot of people who are called to such a work. You would have to be able to raise your own support and they ask for an 11 month commitment. If that is you, please contact me. 

We then traveled to Uganda which ended up being about a 30 hour day for me. I only slept about 5 hours that night when we reached Jinja, and when I checked my email later the next day I learned that my husband had fallen ill.  It was serious enough that my children took him to the hospital.  After praying about what to do, I came to the decision that I needed to be with my family, so Betty helped me book a flight home.  I preached that morning in Jinja and flew out of Entebbe in the afternoon.  35 (long) hours later I was at the hospital with my husband and children.  He was being released to go home when I arrived and was feeling better.  Some friends had come to the hospital in my stead and prayed for him.  We believe the healing of the Lord has been realized!  While in the air I asked the Father what to expect when I arrived home and He said, "Expect Me to show up.  Expect Me to move. Expect Me to bring you and Jeff out of this fire."  Given Jeff's rapid recovery, I can testify that is what God has done!  Praise Him!

Now I have had some questions asked of me that maybe you have also wondered.  Like why God would send me overseas when He knew that this would happen, or what happened to the funds given for the food, Bibles, and medical supplies?

First the reason God sent me only to come back is for Him to know.  The testing of our faith is precious to Him and all I can say here is that I trust Him.  The apostle Paul was not permitted to go forward on a trip he had planned, so I consider myself in good company.  Again, I have to trust the Lord. Amen

As far as the monies given, all the donations for bibles, food and medicines still went for that cause.  Betty Goldman is still in Uganda at this moment preaching at an open-air crusade and praying for the sick outside of Mbale on the southeastern side of the country.  Another woman who lives in Jinja, Uganda and is in relationship with Betty and the Bible College there in Jinja has joined her in traveling and ministering in the Mbale crusade. God has provided all we needed to keep this program going forward.  (Your continued prayers for her travel would be appreciated.)

Another question that has arisen is about Betty traveling home alone. Betty and I have both traveled alone on a number of trips and neither of us had any objections to my leaving alone or her coming home alone.  We are both aware of the angels the Lord has assigned to travel with us, and of course the Lord Himself goes with us, so we do not need to fear.  His grace is sufficient.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer support and generous gifts.  Because of your generosity and commitment to pray for us many lives are being touched in the name of Jesus.  We see the great commission of our Lord Jesus is being realized as is written in Matthew 28:18-20.

In the Father's love,

Rev. Judy Bauman


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