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Jewels From Judy

Tuesday, December 19 2023
A Closer Look at THE SIGN from Heaven

Jewels from Judy: A Closer Look at THE SIGN from Heaven

What do you think a sign from heaven would look like? Would it be a paraplegic walking or someone who is blind suddenly being able to see? Would it be finding jewels on your living room rug? Would it be a storm reversing itself or parting to miss your house?

While all these things could be signs from heaven, I find it interesting that in the story of Christ’s birth, THE SIGN from heaven was that the shepherds were going to find a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. The sign wasn’t the angel of the Lord speaking or the host of angels appearing and singing. We’ve heard the Christmas nativity story so many times that it is easy to gloss over this remarkable SIGN from heaven. We need to think about this scene that’s recorded in Luke 2:8-20 more carefully!

Given the choice, everyone wants a clean environment for a baby’s birth. With that in mind, have you ever been to a stable or barn? They are stinky and dusty with a lot of grime and manure! A manger is basically a trough where farm animals are fed. If you’ve seen how filthy a dog’s dish can get, can you imagine the mess livestock make when eating? Yet this is the very place God chose as a SIGN of our Savior’s birth!

Something else to ponder is the social status of the shepherds. Shepherds in Christ’s time were nomadic gypsies who lived in shabby mobile tents. They didn’t have the facilities to bathe as would others who lived in a more stable environment. They were chided and looked down upon in those days. The Father chose the shepherds that society didn’t hold in high regard to be His witnesses!

Why didn’t God send the angels to reveal the “sign from heaven” to the religious, political, or other influential leaders of Jesus’s day? Why didn’t He tell them that His Holy Child had been born and would be found in a manger? Would they have believed the Messiah would be found in an animal’s feeding trough? I think not. Nevertheless, the lowly shepherds did, and they went to investigate. They found the Christ and then spread the word. All who heard it were amazed! The shepherds then returned to their fields rejoicing and glorifying God. He does choose the foolish things of the world to confound the wise! (1 Cor 1:26-31)

Our Messiah being placed in a manger at His birth is not how we would have had His life begin, but then His torturous death on the cross isn’t the ending we would have planned for our King either! Just because something is difficult and makes no sense to us doesn’t mean that God is not in the middle of it. Scripture tells us that He will never leave or forsake us, so we should ask ourselves some questions when difficult times arise. How does God plan to use a trial or test? How can we stand in faith even when we cannot see His plan? We know it is impossible to please God without faith, so we must diligently seek Him! Perhaps we show our trust and faith in Jesus most when we are in confounding circumstances – especially circumstances that seem insurmountable. This is when we must discipline ourselves to declare our trust in Him and that He will work it all together for the good of His kingdom. (Heb 11:6, 13:5, James 1:2-5; Romans 5:1-5; 8:28)

It amazes me how God uses the most unlikely things to bring about the greatest and most remarkable miracles, and He is doing this even now in ways we can’t fathom! He is doing marvelous things that we too often fail to recognize are “signs from heaven”. We must learn to trust God no matter how a situation looks to our natural eyes. He has a plan!

Glory to God in the highest indeed!!!

I pray you have a very Merry Christmas (sharing the Light and everlasting love of Christ),
and a blessed and prosperous New Year,

Judy A Bauman

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Tuesday, August 22 2023

The Lord led me to this word I sent out a few years ago because I have heard "Prepare, Prepare, Prepare" multiple times this week. I knew I had been given earlier words concerning this command from Him. This is one of them and I pray it blesses you. 

Jewels From Judy: PREPARING for the BIG!

Judy A Bauman 

An Exhortation from the Holy Spirit about a coming move of God

“Do you sense something BIG is on the horizon? Have you been hearing for some time now that you are to ‘PREPARE’? Many are asking, ‘What are we preparing for, and how do we do that exactly?’ Every answer to every question is in My word. Scripture holds your answers. Do you want gold? Dig for it in My word! Do you want gems set in antimony? Dig for them in Scripture![i]

“Many are looking for a ‘word for the day.’ Yet after they read a devotional or prophetic word, they often go on in the same way as before they read it. They do not take to heart what I say or have already said in the past. Instead, they tend to treat these readings like daily entertainment.” (As the Holy Spirit spoke this to my heart, I saw people online reading prophetic words and then picking out only what they wanted to hear. Others were reading godly words or teachings, but then went on to consult their horoscope or other such things. I felt a terrible sense of dread because of mixture.)[ii]

“Permit Me to make something practical for you. Because it is human nature to want the ‘big thing’ and yet not have any idea how to prepare for it, use these simple instructions to guide you:

  1. Love God with all your heart! (Don’t mix the holy with the profane and call it good, I Am a jealous God.)[iii]
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself. (Care for others and treat them the way you like to be treated.)[iv]
  3. Forgive and do not allow offences to rule in your members. My peace must guide you. Forgive as I forgave you.[v]
  4. Guard your words and your heart. The mouth speaks what is hidden in the heart, so hide My word there and you will not be separated from Me.[vi]

“I will trust you with the coming ‘BIG’ if you are faithful with the current ‘small’. Good stewardship is paramount in My eyes. Think about whom to touch with My love: your family, friends, your community (in life or online), your work, school, church, marketplace, etc… It is here where you show you are faithful in what I have given you. Let My words flow from your heart – not like memorized lines in a skit, but words you understand and practice yourself. It is in doing this that you PREPARE for the BIG. It is here that you show Me that you can be trusted with what is on the horizon. If you prepare, this will be a time of great outpouring for you.

“If you do not prepare by putting My word into practice, then you will be as the one who was given a talent (a large sum of money) and buried it. He counted his master a ‘hard man’ and openly said so. He reflects the embittered soul who is full of fear and distrust and isn’t afraid to vomit his complaints onto anyone within earshot. That master took the talent away and gave it to the one who had the most. Why? Because he was unfaithful with what was given him. The wicked and worthless servant was taken and thrown into the outer darkness.[vii]

“Be faithful with the provision given you. Be faithful with your gifts and talents. Be faithful to forgive so you can love as I do. Be faithful to prepare by walking in the truth of My word. Be a doer of My word![viii] Those who belong to Me will reflect My peace. I Am slow to anger, quick to show mercy, generous, loving, helpful, and faithful.[ix] Be the same, and in doing so, you will be PREPARING for the BIG that is on the horizon.”

Your Loving, Abba


[i] Proverbs 25:2; Isaiah 54:11

[ii] Jeremiah 5:31; 2 Timothy 4:3

[iii] Deuteronomy 6:5

[iv] Matthew 18:21-35

[v] Matthew 6:14-15; Colossians 3:12-15

[vi] Psalm 119:11; Philippians 4:4-7

[vii] Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 16:10

[viii] Matthew 7:24-29; James 1:22-27

[ix] Exodus 34:6; Psalm 103:8

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Sunday, August 13 2023

Jewels from Judy: A Clear and Present Danger; A Call to Pray!

Judy A Bauman


Early this morning the Lord woke me up and reminded me of a word of warning He had me issue in 2016. It was concerning witches announcing a global call to curse Donald John Trump and all who support him, on the New Moon each month until he was removed from office. (I had mistakenly thought we were done with this, but clearly, we aren’t!) 

This specific fight began one month after DJT’s inauguration on February 24, 2017, when the witches involved first called for “binding spells.” This quickly escalated in their ranks to include curses, hexes, and vile portrayals of the president in social media and throughout ‘comedy.’ This is no laughing matter.

It is clear that Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a real illness. The unbelievable attacks and lawlessness that have been on display since his election and particularly when he was running for reelection in 2020 are evident. One would have to disbelieve their own eyes and ears, along with all they have experienced, not to see the hypocrisy of the accusations coming from socialist government players and the media giants. The hatred for the former president has been on the world’s stage for all to see while the current one sadly can’t seem to put a coherent sentence together. This affects all of us and I pray that you hear my plea!

The Lunar Calendar

New moons are not normally on my mind, and I don’t follow the lunar calendar, but all during DJT’s presidency, the Lord would remind me to pray as we approached a New Moon. He asked that I enlist others to join me as one puts a hundred to flight but two puts a thousand.

If I forgot to look at the lunar calendar, He would wake me and have me take a screenshot showing the moon was at that smallest point and remind people to pray (on my Facebook account). There was no sleeping until I did. Some seemed to think that I was being superstitious, or that I was insinuating that the witch’s curses were stronger than our prayers, but I am not superstitious and that is the opposite of what I attempted to convey. The fact is, there is more power and purpose in our praying than their cursing, but WE MUST PRAY to ENACT the Word of God and for Him to dispatch His angelic army. Even Jesus had to “say the word” for the servant of the centurion to be healed. God wants our voice to carry His purpose on earth. His word is our sword, and as Hebrews 4:16 teaches, our prayers are to come up boldly to the Throne of Grace in our time of need.


The most important thing to remember is the next NEW “SUPERMOON” is Aug 16 at 5:38 a.m. The black art shenanigans will most likely start at midnight on August 15th leading up to that point while the moon is waning. Please pray that their curses will fall as dust to the ground. Pray for the salvation and deliverance Jesus died for them to have. Amen!

(There is more about lunar cycles under NUTS and BOLTS below.)


In 2019, I issued a specific warning about a “Curse Bomb” that the enemy was assembling for the purpose of mass destruction. I gave this warning not once but three times through my pen, first in April and then twice in July. See the links below to read what I share in July (no link for April, as I did not make it public at that time.)

In 2021, I asked the Lord if the “Curse Bomb” was C-19 and He simply answered, “Yes.”

It was given the designation of #19 because it was first identified in the year 2019 by Dr. Li in Wuhan, China. The first coronavirus was identified in 1960; however, evidence of a coronavirus has been found in East Asia as far back as 20,000 years ago! (Sars was a more recent outbreak of it in 2002.)

I do know the pandemic could have been worse had the Ekklesia not prayed.


When President Trump won the election in 2016, it overthrew what the enemy had been planning for decades – the destruction of the USA as we know it, and the overthrow of Israel and particularly the recapturing of Jerusalem. It was especially distressing to the enemy of our soul that prophetic voices were hearing that Trump was a chosen vessel of the Lord. Sadly, many in the church did not believe this, but God chooses whomever He pleases, and we need to be in agreement with Him, not with whatever our opinions are in any manner.

Donald J Trump was prophetically called a “modern-day Cyrus” from Isaiah 45, and the Lord had me refer to DJT as “American Pharoah” in the word He gave me (spelled like the racehorse that won the Triple Crown and Breeders Cup in 2015 and differently than the pharaoh of Exodus). I shared this message first in 2016 and again in 2020.

Furthering TDS, President Trump promised to set up our Embassy in Jerusalem, and unlike others who also promised this, he made good on it and accomplished this in record time and under budget. It opened on the 70th Anniversary of Israel being reestablished as a nation! Hallelujah! PM Netanyahu referred to Trump as a type of Cyrus, and in Israel, a coin was minted with an image of Trump and Cyrus on one side and the Temple on the other. This is significant and not by ‘chance’. See Psalm 122:6-7

Please understand, this goes much deeper than DJT being hounded by legal woes right now in the court system and government agencies. He had done a lot to protect our rights, but we see how the enemy seeks to silence the church. This really is about the battle over people’s souls to be bound to either hell or to the kingdom of heaven. It is about the Gospel being preached to all nations.

Abortion laws are also at the forefront of this battle. Why? We see in Scripture, the enemy seeks to destroy babies, and guess what, many who practice witchcraft perform child sacrifices and have for thousands of years. In recent times they have been able to do this with complete freedom and impunity through the legalized abortion industry. They hide it behind ‘women’s health’ yet it is often horrible for a woman’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health at the reality of killing her own child! PP is notorious for preying on young unsuspecting women and especially minorities. Many who support abortion rights don’t know what actually happens to the fetus, nor do they know that the founder, Margret Sanger, was a raging racist who wanted “Jews, Blacks, and Orientals” exterminated.


A while back, our Father posed this simple question prior to the raid on DJT’s home in Florida and prior to the indictments to overthrow the election results. He asked, “Do you think the witches stopped cursing him at the New Moon each month?” I thought about what a legalist the devil is and have heard testimony from one who escaped a coven and lived to tell about it. She testified that they are commanded to attend a crazy number of rituals every month and have to stand for many exhausting hours at a time.

It reminds me of the prophets of Baal who cut themselves and carried on trying to get Baal to answer them (see 1 Kings 18:25-29). Punishment for disobedience is brutal in covens from what I understand.
It is easy to see how emboldened the wicked have become. We must not shut ourselves in and wait to be taken out of here when the Lord is asking us to engage and push back the darkness. Jesus said that He would build His church and the gates of Hades would NOT prevail against it (Matthew 16:18) Beloved ones, please hear me as I hear the Father sounding a warning. He has not abdicated His position, and neither should we!


Here is what the Spirit of the Lord spoke this morning: “Witches have never stopped cursing DJT, as they have made it their mission to destroy him. It wasn't enough for him to be removed from the White House, as was the original movement’s goal. They don’t just want him out of office or to stay out of office. They don’t just want him humiliated and jailed. They want him dead along with all his descendants and supporters. They want him completely obliterated. This is how deep the hatred and derangement syndrome has gotten!

“I want the church, My body on earth, My ambassadors who Re-present Me, to rise up in prayer and put a stop to this madness! Rise up beloved Ekklesia! Shed your garments of grief and remove the shrouds of sorrow for the injustices you’ve seen and even experienced. Declare My Truth! Arise shine, and see this darkness flee in Jesus’ mighty name. I have given you power over serpents. Put a stop to their spells, hexes, and curses, and pray for mass salvations for these practicing witches. They don't realize they have been taken captive to do the will of their true enemy. They don’t know how much the devil hates and mocks them. Bless them who are made in My image but bind their witchcraft and sorcery. Where two or three are gathered, I am in your midst.

“You have heard My servants say in unity that there is a great shaking coming and soon. To prepare yourself for this, I ask that You take My warning seriously and fast and pray for the next three days. Sound the alarm. Prepare, prepare, prepare!”


May we stand in agreement with our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, whose Spirit lives within us! One thing He told me to do to “prepare” was to learn to hear His voice so that I would know whether to go to the right, left, straight ahead, stand still, or to step back. We need His direction in ALL that we do. Amen!


As I was finalizing this post, a news report came across my phone stating that B1den is trying to secure a ‘peace agreement’ between Israel and Saudi Arabia. It states that we will help the Saudis to build a nuclear reactor! It also mentioned that there was a deal with Iran made 3 days ago where we are to release 6 BILLION dollars in frozen assets to the Iranians for a prisoner release. Remember, this is the same country that has repeatedly threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:

“May they prosper who love you.

In the Father’s love

Judy A Bauman

First public warning of C-19:

Second reminder:

Nuts and Bolts on Moon Dates:
We have three peculiar moon events going on in August. It is rare that 2 Full moons (or two New moons) occur in the same month worldwide because of the International Date Line; however, this month the 2 full moons in August will be seen globally! 
On August 1, 2023, there was a supermoon (“super” meaning it is at its closest point to the earth than other full moons) and there will be a BLUE (2 full moons in one month) supermoon on August 30, 2023!

These dates apply to the land that lies WEST of England, which includes all of North and South America to the International Date Line.

From England Eastward to the International Date Line, the first full moon was August 2nd and the blue supermoon will be on August 31, 2023.] This morning, August 13, 2023, in the Northern Hemisphere, this year’s largest Perseid Meteor Shower took place.

[i.e.: In 2019 we had 2 New moons in July, but east of England, it was August that had two New moons. While the second full moon in a month is called a “Blue moon,” the second New moon in one month is called a “Black moon”.]

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Friday, August 11 2023

Jewels from Judy: I Am Aligning My Ekklesia

Judy A Bauman

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts,

Nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord.


An Exhortation from the Father: I Am Aligning My Ekklesia

“My body has been out of alignment, so I Am aligning My ekklesia. I want you to take My bread and eat in remembrance of My great sacrifice. Take the cup and drink deeply, remembering I wrote the New Covenant with My own blood.

“Align your thoughts, beliefs, and opinions with Mine. Do not sway with the masses, which ebb to and fro like the tides of the ocean. Be the Oaks of Righteousness planted by My hand. I have told you that I brought many of My beloved ones out from the four walls of the institutionalized church. * I never meant for My church to become a building made by the hands of man, as I have made clear the building blocks of My church, My ekklesia – My family, are My called-out ones. Where two or three gather in My name, I Am in your midst. I will teach you what My scriptures mean and will anoint others to give you clarity, but I will confirm if that clarity is from Me or the world when you sit with Me. No one is to take My place in your heart as Teacher!

“Test the spirits to see that they are of Me. If they refuse to stand for Me, they will fall. Study yourself approved, beloved. I give you My Holy Spirit and when you quiet yourself and pull away to seek My face, you will find all the answers to life's questions in Me. Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened to you.

“Do not give up or give in to the lies that come into your mind. You have an enemy who is a relentless thief and liar. Test what you hear by the Word of God and by My Spirit. Whom will you believe? Faith doesn't trust in what is seen. Faith looks beyond what you can see in the natural and shows you what is being revealed in the spirit. Align yourself with My will and ways. Is something troubling you? Search the Scriptures to see if what you are hearing aligns with My heart of love for you. It honors Me when you test the spirits because you are obeying My warning through the disciple whom Jesus loved.

“Come together to stir yourself to love and good works. Your works and deeds of kindness come up to Me as a sweet aroma; however, do not allow your gathering together with others to take the place of your time with Me. I do not repeat Myself for My benefit but for yours. I desire to teach you by My spirit and lead you into the next season in truth and righteousness so that whatever is happening around you will not sway you from My truth.

“Allow My perfect surrounding peace, My shalom, to rule in your members. Let My Shalom guide and direct you through the storms. You have been given the mind of Christ, and you are seated together in heavenly places together with the church (ekklesia, as an assembly) as a family (oikos) with Me. Be aligned as My holy ekklesia and My holy family.”

In the Father’s love


Confirming Scriptures:
Matthew 5:16, 7:7, 16:18; Luke 18:8; John 8:44; Acts 17:10-11; Ephesians 2:6, 19-22, 3:28; 4:11-14; Colossians 1:10, 3:1, 15; James 2:20; Hebrews 10:24-25; 2 Timothy 2:15; 1 Peter 2:1-5; 1 John 2:27, 4:1

My understanding is that the Lord is not speaking of all who meet in buildings, but to those who operate outside of the original intent of the assembling together of “ekklesia and oikos”. When the institution of a denomination is more important than the individuals that come together to make a place for God's Holy Spirit to dwell, then there is an imbalance in the Body of Christ.

The Scriptures teach the good and decent way we are to gather. There is no other Lord than Jesus, but many leaders take His glory and use His flock to build their names. They use Scripture to control and manipulate Christ’s body. This should not be! Abba is not saying we should not fellowship, as that is contrary to His word; however, He is saying that the fellowship He desires is not likely going to look the same as what we have seen in the past. It would seem we are in a kairos, chronos, and aion time of divine reset. Hallelujah!

(See website Biblehub or Strongs Concordance: Greek for Ekklesia G#1577, Oikos G# 3624, Kairos G#2540, Chronos G#5550, Aion G#165)

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Monday, July 17 2023

Jewels from Judy: The Cocoon


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away;
behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17

About a year after surrendering my life to the Lord, I was sitting in my room when all at once I experienced my first open vision. I saw a white scroll roll down the top right corner of the wall. This scene then played on it like a movie:

A distraught man was on his knees, bent over, stripped, and his face was buried in his hands. He wept bitterly in grief, despair, and self-loathing. His sobs were heart-wrenching. I felt desperate to help him, but I didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, a hand appeared above him holding a burgundy-colored leather Bible. The man looked up in his broken state with hope in his eyes. He reached up accepting the gift being offered to him.

As he opened the Book, the words came off the pages like silk thread. The beautiful strand began to wrap around the man and encircle him until I couldn’t see anything but a large white cocoon. The cocoon was very still for a period of time. It then began to slowly rock back and forth, and soon there was more and more movement. I could tell inside there was a struggle occurring, but I was only to observe.

The cocoon began to split and suddenly it tore open. A huge butterfly adorned in stunning, heavenly colors came bursting out of the cocoon! The colors were not like the ones we see in the natural; they were so much more vibrant and seemed to have a metallic glimmer to the purples, blues, and reds. The man-sized butterfly quickly flew across the room directly in front of me and then out of my window! It was bigger and much more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. I looked back at the screen in the right corner of my room hoping for an instant replay, but the scroll rolled up and disappeared.



This experience has spoken deeply to me over the years, and I am resharing this post because on Sunday, July 16, 2023, Tim Sheets, an apostle of the Lord and pastor of Oasis Church, made a reference in his sermon to seeing faith decrees and prayers being like a thread. minute 39:28-46:02

I was at a conference where Janice VanChronkhite had her paintings displayed. When I saw the one called, “Healing the Brokenhearted,” I told her this was the closest thing I have ever seen that looked like this vision. Hallelujah for confirmation!

Scriptures to Ponder: Acts 10:11; 2 Corinthians 5:17; John 1:1-4

 Written by Judy A Bauman © 1998 revised 2023

(The original Reflection comments and Scripture references leaning toward the prodigals coming home were removed for this post. If you would like those notes or Scriptures, please email me at

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Monday, July 10 2023

Jewels from Judy: You Were Taken Out So I Could Train You MYSELF!

Judy A Bauman

“I have brought many of My beloved ones out of the four walls of the established church for My purpose. So many have been taught wrongly and it takes time to unlearn certain doctrines that have crept into My church (ekklesia).

“Tell My people, that in due time I will bring them together as Nehemiah did the tribes. Each will be shown where they are to build on the wall. Don't be headstrong, My child, or it will break your communion with Me.

“Tell the people, the Lord says, you were taken out so that I could train you Myself. My Holy Spirit will teach you all things as you study yourself approved. You will be finding scriptures, My word, that will show you and reveal the truth. However, you must be willing to lay down the beliefs you held in the past.

“Many pastors study what other pastors say, and pastors in turn, are looking for what others say. The message gets very diluted because they are not actually studying the Scriptures for themselves or their flocks. They go with whatever sounds good without sitting with My Holy Spirit and rightly dividing the Word of truth.

“I will give two examples that will enrage some and delight others. One is the teaching about tithing from Malachi 3:3, 8-11. You have heard this preached long and hard, and countless times to bring the whole tithe into the storehouse. You know for a fact that My beloved sheep have been beaten and fleeced by this passage, yet who were the recipients of this prophetic warning from Malachi? It was not given for the congregation’s chastisement but for the ‘sons of Levi’ (the priests) who were using the tithe for their own purposes and not Mine.

“You have heard to ‘sow into your need,’ yet Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 9 the very opposite! Some pound their congregations without actually reading the fullness of the truth that is written in verses 5-15. They often read verse 6 and the last part of verse 7 that “God loves a cheerful giver,” but neglect where he writes in verse 7 that they are NOT to give under compulsion (necessity, begrudgingly, by force or intimidation). This is manipulation. He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says.

“The second example is even more deceptive because it does not just line the pockets of these misled who are leading the misled, it has caused My body to become anemic, weak, and not only unable but worse, unwilling to occupy until I come. To think My ‘appearing’ is people’s hope is completely backward.

“Have you heard of getting the cart before the horse or trying to push a boulder uphill? While I have not abdicated My throne, many who have claimed I am the Lord have affixed themselves to a fairy-tale gospel and abdicated their position in the kingdom of heaven. They have not and do not test the spirits to see if they are from Me. They hear a teaching, vision, or a dream, and then run off to tell others without searching the Scriptures to see if what they are being taught is true. Many do not sit with Me for the interpretation.

“My word is true and if studied and prayed through with My Holy Spirit then we wouldn't have Christians hiding and praying for Me to ‘take them out of this mess.’ I have called My church to GO make disciples and occupy, not hide until I return. Many parables and teachings of what is to happen before Jesus returns are hidden in plain sight!

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but it is to your glory, My earthly ambassadors, to seek out the matter. Search the scriptures when you are taught. Do not be misled by revelations that cherry-pick My word. The warning in Malachi about the tithe was to the priests, not the people. They were the ones who were robbing Me. Do you see how some leaders have turned it around and it's harmed the sheep?

“Many say, ‘We will be taken out before it gets bad.’ Will you go to My church in Nigeria and tell them this theory? If you survive that, will you then go to Afghanistan? Ukraine? Russia? All of Asia? Will you next go to Iran and Iraq and tell Jesus is going to take out His church before the great tribulation?

“Your hope is not My appearing, it is Me! This is akin to falling in love with your ministry or church yet forsaking your First Love. Your hope is Christ Jesus! Are you in love with the action of His appearing (verb) or the person, Jesus, (noun)? Don't get the cart in front of the horse! Many have convinced and misled My beloved ones that when I come, it will be a quiet snatching away, yet there is nothing in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 that is quiet! There is nothing in Matthew 24:27-31 that is to be done in secret. Open your eyes and read what is there! All will see the SON OF MAN COMING with power and great glory!

“I say to you to be lights in the darkness. I say to you to be salt that preserves and gives flavor and hydration. I say for you to be those who rightly divide the word of truth and not divide My body for the spoils. I will tell you plainly and explain so there's no doubt what I'm saying. As in the days of Noah, so it will be in the coming of the Son of Man. The people were eating and drinking marrying and being given in marriage until the flood came and took THEM ALL away. As is written in Genesis 7:23 only Noah and those with him remained, they were left behind!

“This doctrine of escape has caused many of you to fall asleep. I say to you, My beloved, arise, shine! Wake up, Church! As darkness covers the earth and gross darkness on the people, My light will shine in, through, out, an around you! My glory will appear over you.

“Do not be afraid. I am your Ever-present help in times of trouble. Do not be alarmed at what is befalling the earth. Take the action I show you and stop hiding and praying for Me to take you out when My desire is to take you into your destiny. In Me, you do all things. Use your talents given, use the gifts of the spirit, and see how much we can do together on earth before My return.”

Forever yours,
Abba Father

The Lord gave me this word over a year ago and this morning said to get it ready and post it.

Here are some Scripture references to help you study this more closely. If you copy and paste them into, it will pull them all up for you in whatever version you prefer to read.
1 John 2:27; Luke 19:11-13, 15; Titus 2:13; 2 Timothy 2:15, Jeremiah 23:25-32, Matthew 5:13-16, 28:18-20, 13:24-30, 36-43, Matthew 24, Proverbs 25:2, Revelation 2:4-5, Isaiah 60:1-5, Philippians 4:13, Mark 9:23, Matthew 19:26

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Thursday, June 15 2023

Obey Me, and Do the Impossible!

Judy A Bauman
An exhortation from Abba!
“When My people say, if God wants something done, He will do it, but they forget that they are My body working in the earth. It is easy to think that you are part of the body of Christ, but many do not truly think about what that means. If I want something done, I need My body to move. If you think of it in the natural, it is easy to understand. I am the Head, you are the body. If you think about doing something but you don't move, it doesn't get done. (1 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 5:23, 30)

“All throughout the scriptures, you can read how I spoke to people, but they had to take action for My will to be accomplished. All were unable to accomplish what I called them to do on their own, but those who sought My counsel, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge were able to do what would have been impossible to accomplish on their own.

“Let's take a quick tour! Abraham and Sarah have more descendants than the stars in the sky even though she had been barren and didn't have Isaac until she was 90 and he was 100 years old! (Genesis 17:17, 21:1-7)

“Moses was told by Me at the burning bush, ‘I have seen the affliction of My people, so I have come down...therefore, I will send you.’” (Exodus 3:7-10)

“Joshua had to be told that Moses was dead and that I would be with him. He had to believe by faith that I would put Jericho into his hands. Israel had to follow My precise instructions on how to be circumcised of the flesh and how they were to march around the city. No one was more surprised than the Israelites when the walls of Jericho collapsed and the Promised Land was given to them!” (Joshua 1:2-3, 5:3, 6:1-5)

“Some fleece Me as Gideon did because they know they are the least and from the least. Gideon even questioned My sovereignty, but when he turned fully and obeyed My command, he saw great and mighty works by My hand upon his.” (Judges 6:12-16, 36-40) “I did not allow the large army to prevail as they would have taken the credit, so I gave him a very small one and used tactics they never would have considered.” (Judges 7:19-23)

“Elijah called out the 450 prophets of Baal, and do you think they would have been defeated by a single man had I not sent him? He had to remind the people that I had given My power and authority to the Israelites, but they had given it to Baal! When Elijah exposed the false prophets, the people fell on their faces and cried out to Me saying, ‘The Lord, He is God! The Lord, He is God!’” (1 Kings 18:2, 36-40)

“That is how the false gods of your day will be defeated; however, My body must stay in step with Me and not give its strength away to opinions that are contrary to My word, ways, and precepts. You cannot love Me and be in agreement with worldly lusts and ideas. You cannot serve God and mammon.” (Matthew 6:24-26)

“Even Mary had to agree to My plan to carry Jesus in her womb. She answered the angel I sent saying, ‘May it be done unto me according to Your word.’” (Luke 1:38)

“I could go on and on and remind you of Nehemiah’s faith to rebuild My city and the opposition he faced doing so. Or how about David being the youngest son and not even considered by his father, Jesse, to be invited to the sacrifice with the prophet Samuel when I sent him to anoint a new king? David was who I had chosen.” (Nehemiah 2:5 ff, 1 Samuel 16:1-13)

“All of My prophets are people no one looked at as being appointed by Me, yet their words do not fall to the ground. They will return to Me as I have sent them. I have called the church, the ekklesia, to be My hands and feet – My body, and I need a body that moves. You will be doing the impossible because I have called you to do greater things if you believe and trust Me when I call you, when I send you, and when I assign you to a task.” (John 14:12)

“Obey Me and do the impossible!”
 Abba Father

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Friday, April 07 2023

Jewels from Judy: The Veil Was Torn In Two from the Top to the Bottom!

Judy A Bauman

Good Friday, April 7, 2023

A Prophetic Word from Abba: The Veil Was Torn In Two from the Top to the Bottom!

“Because I cannot look upon sin, I commanded Moses to build the Tabernacle with specific instructions. The veil between the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place (Holy of holies), its length, width, and thickness protected sinful man. Many picture it as a wedding veil, but that is sheer and not at all what the veil was like in the temple. It was thick and coarse and fortified with gold and silver. Only the high priest could go behind the veil into the Holy of holies, and then only once a year to make a sacrifice for the sins of the Jews.

“Herod, of course, could not be seen as anything but greater than Moses and King Solomon, so he made the temple in Jesus's day taller and used weaving machines to be faster. While the veil he had fashioned was not as strong as Solomon's, it was still too strong for any natural force to tear it in two.

“As you have observed, even in the worst disasters, no curtain, even the thinnest of them, will tear from the top to the bottom. That was done by My hand and was more significant than the rocks breaking open and splitting apart.

A tree can split a rock.

A small earthquake can split a rock, but not even a major hurricane can tear a household curtain in two from the top to the bottom. Storms shred them from the bottom up, not the other way around.


“Jesus was sacrificed during Passover which is celebrated yearly by the Hebrews to commemorate the Lord freeing them from the Egyptians. The timing of His crucifixion is yet more evidence that Jesus was the fulfilled Lamb of God.

“Jesus's blood tore open the veil of My presence because His blood was pure and spotless. He is the Lamb who was slain for the salvation of mankind, and this only needed to happen once and for all time. He is now and forever the High Priest of My people, and now all may come boldly to My throne of grace and receive mercy in time of need. Remember, Jesus talked about being the Door for the sheep, and ALL going through Him would be saved! His sacrifice fulfilled My promise to Abraham that in his seed, ALL nations of the earth would be blessed because he obeyed My voice.

“Isaac symbolized Jesus in that he was Abraham's only begotten son with Sarah. Because of her barrenness, she was the woman God chose to fulfill this miraculous promise.

It wasn't humanly possible for Sarah to become pregnant.

It wasn't humanly possible for Mary, a virgin, to become pregnant.

It wasn't possible for that thick, long veil to be completely split in two from its fortified top to the bottom!

“I Am the Lord, and there is no other. Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth, for I am God and there is no other.

“The blood and the water that flowed from His pierced side cleanses and opens My heart to forgive all who come through Him. These three testify: the Spirit, the water, and the blood; and they are in agreement.”

Matthew 27:45-54, Mark 15:22-38, Luke 23:44-47, John 19:28-30, Exodus 12, 26:1-14, 36:1-2, 8-9, 35-36, Luke 1:8-11, Hebrews 3:1, 4:14-16, John 14:6, 20, 23, 15: Rev 5:9-10, Eph 2:19-22, John 2:13-21, John 10:9, Genesis 22:15-18, 1 John 5:6-8


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Tuesday, February 21 2023

Jewels from Judy: MY LOVE IS ETERNAL!

Judy A Bauman

A sweet word from the Lord this morning: My Love is Eternal!

My love can never be extinguished. It is eternal! It is holy. It is righteous and pure. Let Me show you My glory anew. Let Me into the throne of your heart. The cares of this world do not need to weigh you down, My beloved.

Trust Me to take care of the things you are unable to deal with and let Me guide you through even that which you do know.

I always have a better way, and if you seek Me, I will show you.

I love you,


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Thursday, February 02 2023

Jewels from Judy: WHY DOES GOD SPEAK TO US?

Judy A Bauman

The Lord asked me a question in the secret place that I had been asking Him, “Do you know why I speak to you apart from instruction and leading others into knowledge and wisdom of My Kingdom?”


I answered, “Only You know.”

“I choose to! Just like I choose to love you even when you were/are in sin. I never intend to leave you there. My why is to keep you from harm. My why is to lead you in all righteousness. My why is because I love you and want the very best outcome for you. When you stray from My best, you deviate from My word, and in doing so, you allow the enemy a doorway that he ought not have. Remember, My Son was tempted in all ways but sinned not. He is your example. He is the Standard. He is the Word made flesh. Hate the things We hate and love the things We love. Shake off your own opinion and preconceived ideas of who I Am because man rarely portrays Me as I truly am I Am love, and why I speak to you is from My heart of love for you. I want you to be part of the creative process and fulfill what I've called you to do.”

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Sunday, January 29 2023
Nations Will Come to Your Light!


Judy A Bauman 

Published in the book “Jewels from the Harvest” all rights reserved ©2018



While journaling, I suddenly see myself standing near a bend of the River. Everything is so electrically dazzling that the brilliance of this scene would blind my natural eyes! Each ripple in the water acts to magnify and reflect beams of light like the facets of a diamond, and though I see this with spiritual eyes, I have to allow them to adjust to the brightness. As I do, I sing aloud:

You are Beautiful, Marvelous, Excellent, Radiant

I am astounded by Your brilliance

The One who is Faithful and True are You

The One who is Faithful and True – are You

It sounds like many voices join me in singing, although I don’t see anyone. The Holy Spirit reveals these are His saints from all over the world worshipping God in spirit and truth. Looking at the River, I ponder how each light reflecting off the water represents individuals in Christ who carry His light. They are in the flow of the River – the flow of what God is saying and doing. These saints will go where He sends them because they love Jesus more than their own lives. I see the Lord tenderly caring for each light and testify that they represent those who carry God’s glory. They bring the Light of the World to the nations. They flow in the will of God, and they flow with the Word of God. They are able to rest in the current of the River, knowing He is the One who carries them.


I ask the Lord if He might speak a word of encouragement to His Light-Carriers. The Father immediately declares, “Tell those who carry My light, My love, My hope, My peace, My righteousness, and My Word that they must stay in the middle of where I am flowing. If they don’t, a spiritual eddy will entrap them. Eddies run contrary to the flow of the River and represent living contrary to My will. It takes a huge amount of effort to free oneself from an eddy once entrapped. This is where debris is seen swirling about in the backward current. This symbolizes the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches. Such things capture and defile many.

“My Light-Carriers must stay in the midst of the flow of My River. If they do, they will shine with the light of My glory and continually be My Light-Bearers. They must also rest in Me and allow Me to carry them to the fulfillment of their destinies. There are individual and corporate destinies, and they work hand-in-hand. I say again, ‘Arise, shine for your light has come. The glory of the Lord rises upon you and appears around you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising.’” ~End Encounter


It always amazes me when the Lord gives me a word when I specifically ask for one! However, it’s much more likely that the Holy Spirit has been waiting for me to be ready and willing to receive the word to share with the Church, not the other way around. Since God has called us to be lights to the world, it’s His desire we reflect His will and ways to those around us. It’s been said, “Preach the Gospel, and if need be, use words.” Being a Light-Carrier, a Light-Bearer, is about how we live our daily lives, not merely what we espouse.  


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Monday, January 09 2023

Jewels from Judy: I Am Not Limited!

Judy A Bauman

An exhortation from the Lord, I Am Not Limited!

Sitting with the Lord in the secret place, I was thinking about the first time Jesus revealed Himself to me in what I refer to as the River Visions. I was thinking about how I saw Him dancing very erratically and how I wrestled with that before gaining an understanding of what He was communicating through it. Suddenly, I hear clearly in my spirit that message anew!

The Lord stated, “I want out-of-the-box! People put Me in there in their minds, but the truth is, that is a delusion. I am not boxed! In fact, when people do this, they are actually putting themselves in a box. When people limit My power, authority, majesty, strength, wisdom, counsel, knowledge, and understanding they are limiting themselves. I am not limited!”

“Watch as I wake up the masses and see how they respond. Some will be like the son who returned from eating with the pigs. Some in the church will be bitter like the older brother. Some will turn away disgusted as they did when I told them My body was bread, manna from heaven, and my blood was drink.

“However, many will turn to Me with great joy, song, and celebration. There is a sound coming that is going to shake the earth. My sheep will follow Me, knowing I have the words to eternal life. Remember it is the thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy; I came to give life and that in abundance. Step out of the box and see the glory of the KING of kings and the LORD of Lords!”

Your King

I say, “Amen, selah!”

Personal note: Thank you all for your support and prayers for The Father’s Love Int’l Ministries, Inc. in 2022. I pray you each can say of 2022 that you grew in Christ and are pressing into Him for 2023. I pray you will thrive in the knowledge of Him who brought you out of darkness and into His marvelous light. Amen!
If you want to read more about the River Visions, I have them chronicled in two books, Jewels from the River, and Jewels from the Harvest. Both are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. They are also available for download in Kindle, Nook, & iBook. The vision I refer to is in Jewels from the River pages 41-49.

In the Father’s Love,

Rev. Judy A Bauman

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